Sony PXW-FS5

Price: 6099.00


960 fps Super Slow Motion

When you shoot Super Slow Motion, everyday actions take on poetic elegance. You reveal the beauty of a world that’s hidden right before our eyes. The PXW-FS5 takes you there. Operating in burst mode, you can capture 1080p HD at up to 240 fps and up to 960 fps with reduced resolution.

4K Super35
image sensor

Sony is the world leader* in image sensors. And it shows. The FS5 delivers formidable exposure latitude with 14 stops of dynamic range. And beautiful color. And high sensitivity. And stunning 4K resolution. Of course, the Super35 format also gives you the shallow depth of field so important in cinematic storytelling. And the sensor performs beautifully with Sony’s established S-Log2 and S-Log3 encoding and S-Gamut3.cine mode.

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